Michael Myers Animatronic, New 2020 Products Coming from Gemmy

Pandemic or not, Halloween is coming one way or another, and we now have our first look at some new 2020 products coming to retailers from Gemmy, including a new life-size Michael Myers animatronic.

While it’s unclear from the image below, from the JMarcus wholesale site, which film this version of Myers is based on, but the new animatronic joins other 2020 releases, including a head-lifting Pumpkin Reaper, pop-up Goth Ghoul, hanging Illusion Face Ghoul, six-foot shaking cocoon Willie Rott mummy, table-top Misting Lab Beaker, animated Monster Tales books, animated candy bowls, and door accessory candy bowls.

Many more new items from Gemmy are expected to be revealed in the coming months, as well.

You can see photos of the products mentioned in this article in the gallery below.

(Click an image to enlarge and view in gallery browser.)

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Matt Artz

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Michael Myers Animatronic, New 2020 Products Coming from Gemmy