Spirit Halloween’s New Animatronic is Mommy’s Favorite

Spirit Halloween has officially begun unveiling their new products for the 2020 Halloween season, today revealing the first new animatronic of the year, a murderous little girl who is definitely “Mommy’s Favorite.”

Everything she does is for Mommy. She wears Mommy’s favorite dress. Her ribbons are mommy’s favorite color. She curls her hair, how Mommy likes. She quietly sits how Mommy likes. She doesn’t dare track any dirt inside or mess up Mommy’s things. Every afternoon she makes Mommy’s favorite tea with a little milk, two sugar cubes, and five drops from the special bottle with the skull on it.

Her sayings include, “Shhh! You don’t want to wake up my mother. She’s been sleeping for a long time,” and, “Shhh! Can you keep a secret? Shhh!”

Standing 3.8 feet tall, available exclusively from Spirit Halloween and expected to ship on or before Sept. 16, you can order Mommy’s Favorite for $99.99 here.

Check her out in action in the video below!

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Spirit Halloween’s New Animatronic is Mommy’s Favorite