Nick Castle Teases His ‘Halloween Kills’ Cameo as Michael Myers

We all knew Nick Castle would be making another cameo reprising his role as Michael Myers in the upcoming sequel Halloween Kills, but it was officially confirmed by Castle himself this week, who teased his appearance in discussing the film on the most recent episode of my new favorite video podcast, The Thing with Two Heads.

The series is hosted by our friends Sean Clark (read our interview here) and Oscar winning special effects artist Christopher Nelson (read our interview here), who created Michael Myers’ mask for Halloween 2018, as well as Halloween Kills.

As in director David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween, Myers is played once again by James Jude Courtney in Halloween Kills, while Castle does the iconic breathing of the character, and he suited up as The Shape again for a scene in the new film, which is now set for release on October 15, 2021.

“Yes, I know that to be true. I was there,” Castle answered in response to a question a viewer had sent in asking if we would have another cameo appearance. “There was only one scene. I can’t tell what it is. I won’t say what it is, but we’ll see, it’s an interesting one, because it’s definitely something that I could imagine being cut out, which I hope is not going to happen. In post production, I did all the breathing and I don’t remember seeing it, but maybe I’m just forgetting. We’ll see.”

Nelson then confirmed that the scene is in the cut of the film that he’s apparently watched. Further teasing Castle’s cameo appearance, Nelson said, “There isn’t room for the breathing. You wouldn’t need the breathing at that scene. No, I remember that day. I remember shooting it that day.”

Castle then added, “Right before they did the shot, David brought me in, and the whole crew was there, and he just did this little announcement welcoming me there and saying, ‘We’ve done this one film, but here’s the guy that started it all.’ And everyone applauded, and I bowed, but that was so sweet. It shows you the kind of love they have for the franchise and the respect they have for the gang that did it to begin with, so that was great. I had a wonderful time.

Nelson also offered this gem about John Carpenter’s reaction to the 2018 Myers mask: “I’m all excited to show him the mask, and he’s sitting there at the monitor. I go, ‘Hey, John. What do you think of the mask?’ And he goes, ‘Looks like shit.’ (laughs) But if John would have said anything else, I mean, I expected him to say that. Like that was what I wanted to hear.”

You can watch Part 1 of Christopher and Sean’s chat with Nick Castle (including him donating his original 1978 Myers mask to Halloween II) in Episode 4 of The Thing with Two Heads below, and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to the malfuncsean YouTube channel here.

Nick Castle as Michael Myers in ‘Halloween’ (2018)

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