New ‘Terrifier 2’ Photo, Post-Production Runtime Update Released

Are you ready for two full hours of havoc from Art the Clown? Are you ready for the Apocalypse Now of horror? A new official photo was released this week from the highly anticipated Halloween horror sequel Terrifier 2, featuring a bloody and angry Art the Clown, and even more intriguing, writer and director Damien Leone released an accompanying update on where he’s at in post-production, asking fans if they would be okay with a final runtime of approximately two hours.

Along with sharing the new photo of Art the Clown, as shot by photographer Jeff Harris, Leone provided an update on Wednesday, March 17, stating: “You might like to know I have already assembled a rough 1 hr and 30 minutes of Terrifier 2! Based on what I have left to edit, I’m projecting the final film to clock in at around the 2 hour mark! I know that’s not typical of slasher films but then again this isn’t your typical slasher film. Like I just told my buddy Marcus over the phone, this is the Apocalypse Now of indie horror films (in my head anyway….Francis Ford Coppola would laugh and then spit in my face for that comment!) But, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the long run time….”

Of course, most of the comments in response to the post were resoundingly in support of the two-hour runtime, including that of David Howard Thornton, who plays Art in the original 2018 Terrifier as well as the sequel. “Well, I think the fans have spoken. Let’s give em what they want, brother!,” Thornton commented.

The official synopsis: After Art the Clown is resurrected by a sinister entity, he returns to the timid town of Miles County, where he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

The film is written and directed by Damien Leone, who also serves as a producer, along with Phil Falcone, George Steuber, Steven Della Salla, Mike Leavy, and Jason Leavy.

David Howard Thornton once again plays Art the Clown in Terrifier 2. The cast also includes Lauren LaVera as Sienna and Elliott Fullam as Sienna’s younger brother, Jonathan, as well as Casey Hartnett, Kailey Hyman, Sarah Voigt, Tamara Glynn, and Felissa Rose.

A release date has not yet been announced.

You can watch the official teaser trailer for Terrifier 2 below, and then scroll down view the brand new photo of Art the Clown.

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New ‘Terrifier 2’ Photo, Post-Production Runtime Update Released