Spirit Halloween 2021 Sneak Peek Box Reveals New Animatronics, Countdown!

Spirit Halloween sent out a number of mysterious sneak peek boxes this week that were filled with treats teasing some of the new 2021 animatronics they will be announcing soon, and we were lucky enough to be among the chosen few to receive one.

Inside the black rectangular box featuring the Spirit Halloween logo, we found two orange and black carnival/theater-style popcorn boxes with Spirit brand popcorn packs, three stickers, a “VIP Unhuman Access” badge and lanyard, a bag of Gummy Brains, three limited edition enamel pins, and a black envelop with my name on it.

Inside the envelope was an invitation to come to a certain URL (SpiritHalloween.com/TheGraveyardShift) on July 15, 2021. At that URL, we found a countdown that will culminate on Thursday, July 15. What happens on that day? We don’t know exactly, but we’re pretty sure that Spirit’s annual “sneak peek” reveals of new 2021 products will begin on that day.

We posted an unboxing video on our YouTube channel on Friday, and some viewers were quick to help us figure out the possible significance of a few the items inside the box. Among these are the three limited edition enamel pins, featuring the Spirit Halloween logo creature, a bloody “Free Candy” bucket that references the Uncle Charlie animatronic that was originally released in 2010 and re-released in 2020, as well as a hammer that appears to reference the Wacky Mole animatronic from 2013 and perhaps teasing its return in 2021(?).

A box of Full Moon Treats (bloody bone candy) has werewolf blueprints on the packaging that matches the blueprints in the background image on the countdown page, apparently teasing a new werewolf animatronic named Mr. Howle.

Another jester-like figure apparently named Henry Hustle can also be glimpsed in the blueprints behind the countdown.

Watch our full unboxing video below, and then scroll down to view some additional photos and screenshots.

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