Home Depot Reveals New 2021 Animatronics and Inflatables

Halloween reveals season is in full swing and it’s happening earlier than ever this year, as Home Depot has just unveiled their biggest lineup ever of new animatronics and inflatables for 2021, and they are available to order online now.

One day after Spirit Halloween revealed 10 of their 2021 animatronics and put nine of them up for pre-order online, Home Depot updated their official website with loads of new Halloween products, including a new 12-foot pumpkin skeleton, also available to order online starting today (July 16).

After their 12-foot skeleton went viral last year thanks to some very fun and inventive use of it numerous photos posted online, Home Depot’s hottest item for 2021 has to be the companion 12-foot Giant Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton, featuring “LifeEyes” LCD animated eyes, and a glowing chest and mouth illuminated by adapter power, posable arms, towering over your front yard. Priced at $349, he has already sold out on Home Depot’s website, but you might be lucky enough to find one at a physical store later this year. You can be notified when he’s back in stock and available to order online here.

The original 2020 12-foot Giant Skeleton, also featuring “LifeEyes” LCD animated eyes, is also back for 2021. Also currently already sold out online, You can be notified when he’s back in stock and available to order online here.

Home Depot’s holiday merchant Lance Allen recently talked about bringing both giant skeletons to life on Home Depot’s website, where he reveals his own passion for Halloween decorating. “My neighbors get really excited to see what I’m going to add next,” he says. “The 12-foot skeleton last year had to be their all-time favorite.”

According to the site, Lance and his team first began working on the concept of a giant skeleton in 2019. The inspiration came from a massive skeleton torso they noticed after walking trade show floors and haunted houses. But instead of creating a single décor piece, they wanted to give customers a full-sized, free-standing and completely poseable skeleton.

“Once we got back to the office, we started to collaborate,” says Lance. “Originally, we were going to target 10 feet, but decided to shoot for the stars and design it at 12-foot.”

For 2021, Lance’s team has created a pumpkin skeleton equivalent. “This year’s 12-Foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton is the king of our Rotten Patch collection, influenced by Midwest farms with a haunted twist.”

Both skeletons are built with LifeEyes™ technology, an in-house creation that uses LCD screens in animated characters. “What’s great about the screens is that we can fully program whatever image or scene we want on them,” explains Lance. “That’s what gives Skelly his realistic blue eyes.”

Also new for 2021 from Home Depot is the 8 Ft. LED Ferry of the Dead animatronic, featuring an imposing Grim Reaper looming large over the battered boat, inviting petrified partygoers on a perilous passage. An LED lantern adds a supernatural glow, and rowing motions make it look as though Death is slowly racing toward you. Compatible with both AAA battery power and UL adapter power, this animatronic features a sound sensor to trigger motion and creepy sound effects. Priced at $399, you can order online here.

Another new release for 2021 is the 8 Ft. LED Dark Angel animatronic, featuring LEDs emitting a creepy glow to create a spine-chillingly spooky atmosphere, while a jeweled sword lets your friends and family know to watch their backs, and flapping wings work with the turning head to terrify and torture. Priced at $279, you can order online here.

5.5 Ft. 3-Faced Jester Animatronic

Watch your back around this Three-Faced Jester of the Underworld animatronic figure. Glowing eyes creep out your guests, while the interchangeable masks create a disorienting atmosphere where nothing seems quite right. At 5.5 feet tall, this animated figure strikes an imposing stance. Approach this Three-Faced Jester of the Underworld animatronic figure to activate the motion sensor and fill your home with the sounds of screams and spooky phrases.

$199.99 – Order online here.

6 Ft. Inferno Scarecrow Animatronic

Turn your lawn into a nightmare with this Inferno Scarecrow animated figure. The flaming face casts a ghoulish gaze upon petrified passersby, and the frightening sounds warn of impending terror. A sweeping arm motion lets your visitors know that a gruesome gathering awaits. Towering at 6 feet tall, this Inferno Scarecrow animated figure dominates your Halloween display with an unsettling presence for night after night of scares and screams.

$88 – Order online here

3 Ft. Pumpkin Twins Animatronics Set

Double the dread with these Halloween Standing Pumpkin Twins animated figures. Two pairs of piercing red LED eyes peek out from around the corner to give your guests an eerie feeling, while the moving mouths deliver startling sayings to send your friends running in fright. Standing 36 inches tall, these Halloween Standing Pumpkin Twins animated figures make an alarming addition to your indoor Halloween decor.

$79.98 – Order online here.

20 Ft. Creepy Clown Inflatable.

Step right up. Your neighbors won’t believe their eyes when they see your jumbo pre-lit 20 ft. Inflatable Creepy Clown. At 20 ft. tall, it will be the towering centerpiece of your Halloween display. You won’t need to give directions when inviting friends to your own personal haunted house, they won’t be able to miss it. Set up is so quick and easy you’ll think it’s a trick, but it’s actually a treat. The ropes and stakes you need for a secure and speedy installation are included, as is a storage bag to protect your inflatable safely between seasons. All you need to do is unpack it, plug it in, stake it down and you’re ready for some scary fun all Fall long. Created out of durable polyester, you won’t need to worry about holes and your inflatable will last year after year and scare after scare. With Haunted Hill Farm, you’ll be the scariest house on the block.

$699.99 – Order online here

And that’s just the beginning, as there are LOTS MORE not included in this article, but which you can see in our special HDN Live Discussion and Breakdown of HOME DEPOT’s new 2021 Halloween animatronics and inflatables below.

You can shop all of these animatronics and many more new 2021 Halloween products from Home Depot here.

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