Spirit Halloween Releases 4 New 2021 Animatronics (in November!)

Spirit Halloween has just unveiled four more new 2021 animatronics that are now available to order online, continuing the company’s recent trend of post-October surprise releases.

Spirit first surprised everyone by releasing a post-October animatronic in November of 2020, and they revealed two more animatronic re-releases for 2021 last week. Today brings news of four more new-for-2021 animatronics that are each listed as in stock and shipping now.

Check out the new additions below, each of which is produced by Morris Costumes, available for purchase online.

You’ve lived a fruitful life, but now it’s time to surrender your soul to the Hooded Phantom. You may be tempted to run, but your legs are frozen in fear. You can’t scream, for the lump of terror in your throat has made it impossible for you to utter more than a whisper. The Hooded Phantom has made its final decision. It will be leaving with your soul tonight, and you will become nothing but a decaying shell of who you once were.

Standing at six feet tall and cloaked entirely in black cloth, the Hooded Phantom animatronic slowly turns its torso, reaching its arms to strike fear into the hearts of all who cross its path, featuring an eerie LED green glow pouring from its face and hands, as sorrowful bells toll and it speaks three different phrases, the final words its victims will ever hear.

In stock now and shipping now, you can order the Hooded Phantom for $279.99 here.

Think you heard a noise come from your dark, dank cellar? Don’t get too curious… It could cost you your life! An undead terror is waiting in your basement, rotting away with the tormented souls of his past victims. His name is Cellar Dweller and if you’re smart, you’ll keep your distance! He’s just begging to be released…

Standing at seven feet tall, the Cellar Dweller animatronic has light-up eyes that’ll pierce your soul, as well as life-like arms that raise and lower, while his head and mouth move as he speaks four spooky phrases that’ll haunt your dreams.

In stock and shipping now, you can order Cellar Dweller for $349.99 here.

There’s no escape from Prowling Jack, a giant skeleton who’s alive with rage and looking for fresh blood. You’ll never be able to run far enough that Jack and his trusty pumpkin sidekick can’t find you. They’re ready to haunt the night and prowl the streets, on the hunt for those who are unsuspecting. They can sense when a soul is ready to be devoured and will stop at nothing to pounce on anyone who crosses their path.

Standing at seven feet tall, with his raspy, menacing voice, the Prowling Jack animatronic holds a glowing, talking pumpkin, and is ready to unleash the terror. Jack’s head and free arm turn, while his eyes serve up an eerie glow as he plots with his pumpkin about how to unleash terror on the world, speaking three different phrases.

In stock and shipping now, you can order Prowling Jack for $449.99 here.

Better watch your back this Halloween because the Lunging Reaper is always watching. He always knows when your time has come and at the moment you least suspect and let your guard down, that’s when he decides to strike! Lunging at you with his scythe, just one touch from this horrifying reaper and you’ll soon be meeting your dark and twisted fate. 

Standing at six feet tall, the Lunging Reaper comes with a plastic scythe and features Digiteye technology that allows his his eyes to light up and move along with his mouth as it speaks four different chilling phrases.

In stock and shipping now, you can order Lunging Reaper for $279.99 here.

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