Horror Icons Come Together for ‘Stream’, from ‘Terrifier 2’ Producers

Genre icons Tony Todd, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, David Howard Thornton, and more are coming together for the upcoming independent horror film Stream, from the producers of Terrifier 2.

The slasher will feature not one, but four masked killers competing in a sadistic game. The film’s Indiegogo page further explains, “Stream stands alone as a truly modern horror film, refreshing an often formulaic genre and bringing it into the 21st Century by blending technology and online gaming into a traditional ’80s style horror film.

According to the official synopsis: When Roy and Elaine Keenan realize their family is drifting apart, they decide that something needs to be done. A peaceful stay in a quaint hotel is just what they need, however that is not what is in store for them. With four deranged murders patrolling the seemingly mundane halls, the odds are definitely not in the Keenan family’s favor. Roy must fight for his life and those of his family, as their simple weekend getaway truly turns into a vacation to die for. 

The all-star cast also includes Jeffrey Combs, Tim Reid, Daniel Roebuck, Felissa Rose, Damian Maffei, Dave Sheridan, Mark Holton, Charles Edwin Powell, Sydney Malakeh, Wesley Holloway, Terry Alexander, and Bob Adrian.

The film is produced by the Fuzz on the Lens team of Michael Leavy, Jason Leavy, and Steven Della Salla, who recently completed the highly anticipated sequel Terrifier 2.

Terrifier and Terrifier 2 writer/director/makeup FX artist Damien Leone is also on board leading the special effects team.

You can put some of your own skin in the game through film’s ongoing Indiegogo crowd funding campaign here.

Check out the pitch video and clips featuring Danielle Harris (watch our interview here), Tony Todd, and Damian Maffei below, and look for more on Stream in 2022.

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