Morris Costumes Unveils New 2022 Halloween Animatronics

Our friends at Morris Costumes have officially unveiled new 2022 additions to their lineup of Halloween animatronics to be released later this year, ahead of the annual Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show happening this weekend in St. Louis.

Many of the 2022 releases feature the new digital eyes technology, allowing blinking and a more lifelike appearance rather than the traditional single-light glowing eyes.

You can see our roundup of the new 2022 animatronics from Morris Costumes that have been revealed so far, along with video demos of them in action, below.

The Hulking Werewolf stands at a towering 7.5 feet tall, with realistic LCD eyes, jaw movements, and growling sounds, as his arms move up and down as his head moves side to side.

The Crone Witch features servo motors to give her lifelike movement and glowing LED eyes, as she speaks various phrases.

The Whimsical Scarecrow turns side-to-side and has a light-up jack-o’-lantern face and crow’s eyes, speaking various friendly phrases.

The three-foot tall Tumbling Clown Doll is sure to liven up any party with its flips and tricks, set to spooky circus music.

The Whimsical Witch stands 66 inches tall, as her head turns side-to-side, her mouth moves, and her eyes light up. She also has a glowing wand, and features five different phrases. Plus, she comes with a plug-in adapter.

The seven-foot tall Rotten Harvester shows off his “hungry” crops this season, as the scarecrow’s torso moves side to side and his little crop’s jaw moves up and down. Both have light up eyes, as the Harvester speaks various phrases.

The Graveyard Host stands at 7.5 feet tall, as he searches around the neighborhood cemetery for his friends. A motion sensor activates his turning head, moving jaw, light-up eyes, and flickering flame lantern, while he speaks various phrases.

Standing eight feet tall, the Towering Skeleton features moving Projection Eye technology that brings him to life, also featuring highly detailed and realistic sculpts, and jaw movement, as he speaks various greetings.

The seven-foot tall Pesky the Clown tells various jokes, as his eyes glow yellow, head turns side to side, and jaw moves.

Not an animatronic but also just revealed today (3/15/22) from Morris, the 3-in-1 Skull Candelabra stands, hangs, or sits on your table, featuring skulls with glowing LED eyes and candles with flicker flame light.

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Matt Artz

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