‘Halloween’ 1978 Retro Action Figures by Fright-Rags Unboxing, Showcase [Video]

Fright-Rags‘ new officially licensed retro-styled 3.75-inch action figures inspired by John Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween have finally shipped, and we received ours last week.

The figures are similar to Super7’s ReAction figures, which are designed in the same vintage style as old school Star Wars figures by Kenner in the 1970s and ’80s.

Each figure has five points of articulation and includes accessories.

Michael comes with a butcher knife and Judith Myers tombstone, while Laurie comes with the opening credits jack-o’-lantern, a coat hanger, and her own butcher knife, and Lynda comes with her purse.

The retro packaging features new art by Justin Osbourn, and the figures have been made in association with Plastic Meatball.

The cardback of each figure notably features a genius promo advertising a “mail away comic book” available with “two proofs of purchase,” and the comics displayed are fittingly each of the fictional ones owned by Tommy Doyle – Laser Man, Tarantula Man, and Neutron Man – as mentioned by Laurie Strode while she’s babysitting him in the film. And the proofs of purchase earn you ‘kill points.”

All three figures were available as a one-week only pre-order back in March of 2021.

You can watch our full unboxing, review, and showcase video of the new Halloween ’78 retro figures below.

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Matt Artz

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