‘WNUF Halloween Sequel’ Teaser Revealed

A sequel to the uniquely inventive and insanely awesome WNUF Halloween Special is coming soon, and writer/director Chris LaMartina has shared the first official teaser for WNUF Halloween Sequel online today.

On Twitter today, LaMartina said, “Trick or treat, weirdos. Proud to unveil the WNUF Halloween Sequel teaser today. Looking forward to feeding your VCRs and seeing you at screenings this fall. World premiere info coming soon!”

No other details on the sequel are available at this time, but the teaser definitely suggests that it will continue to celebrate the same vintage VCR era aesthetic that so perfectly transported viewers back to 1987 in the original WNUF Halloween Special, which is presented as if it’s a VCR recording of a Halloween Night local news live show, complete with faux ’80s commercials, as the fun soon takes a dark and unexpected turn.

You can watch the teaser below, and keep watching this site for more info as it becomes available.

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Matt Artz

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‘WNUF Halloween Sequel’ Teaser Revealed