Ghostface Animatronic Stabs at Spirit Halloween Again in 2022

The life-size Ghostface animatronic returns to Spirit Halloween again in 2022, and it’s available to order online right now.

First released in 2021, the animatronic features Ghostface from Scream standing at 5.4 feet tall, with motion activation, as he pops out from behind a corner, moving both the left and right, for a killer jump scare.

From the official website: Better watch your back when Ghostface is in town… and don’t even think about picking up that telephone. The master of stalking prey loves to manipulate his victims before sneaking up and landing a deadly strike with his hunting knife. His motivation is unclear, as you never know who could be donning the Ghostface mask next! He lurks and hides in the shadows with his black robe and moves as swiftly as the cold wind as he prepares to go on his next killing spree.

Priced at $129.99 and in stock now (as of this writing), you can order the Ghostface animatronic online here.

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Matt Artz

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