New Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees 2022 Animatronics Available Now From Lowe’s

Lowe’s has just released more of this year’s new life-size animatronics available to order online, including Michael Myers from Halloween II and Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (2009).

Produced by Gemmy Industries, the new six-foot Michael Myers animatronic is officially licensed from the 1981 sequel Halloween II, featuring a right arm slashing motion while holding his signature butcher knife, and six bloody bullet holes in his coveralls. This animatronic was first released in 2020, but has since received an “upgraded” paint job, dirtying up the mask a bit. Motion activated, the animated prop plays music, which is some kind of copyright-free imitation of the Halloween theme.

Priced at $239 and in stock online as of this writing, you can order the Michael Myers animatronic here.

Also standing six feet tall, the new Jason Voorhees animatronic is actually officially licensed from the 2009 Friday the 13th remake, featuring right arm up and down movement, as he holds his machete. The hockey mask is attached to the head with a few staples, which can be removed to reveal a molded deformed Jason face that was originally part of the release but was eventually not approved. I am told that the face is still there, however, it does not have a detailed paint job. Its sound effects include Mrs. Voorhees’ infamous “ki ki ki, ma ma ma”, and even her voice saying, “Jason, Mother is talking to you”.

Priced at $239 and in stock online as of this writing, you can order the Jason Voorhees animatronic here.

A new six-foot clown animatronic also went on sale today online. He speaks spooky phrases and features head and arm movement. Priced at $159, you can order the scary clown animatronic here.

You can watch all three new animatronics in action in our video report below.

Shop more Halloween at Lowe’s here.

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