Party City Announces 2022 Halloween Animatronics and Masks

Party City has just announced a number of new animatronics and other Halloween products they will be selling for the 2022 Halloween season, including a 12-foot creepy clown named Cackles, some of which are available to order online now.

Read on for the official press release, and then check out exclusive demo videos of the 2022 animatronics from Party City below.

Party City, the global celebrations leader, is gearing up for a spooky season. A recent study shows that 29% of consumers have already started planning for or thinking about how they will celebrate Halloween this year, and Party City is here to help serve inspiration and act as a resource every step of the way. As the industry leader in costumes, décor, and accessories, Party City continues to be the ultimate destination for all celebration needs. This year, the retailer has recognized the growing consumer trend of wanting spookier, gorier and overall scarier celebrations, and Party City is delivering just that through new exclusive products and partnerships.

“At Party City, we’re all about gore and more this Halloween,” said Odette Welling, Vice President of Halloween at Party City. “We are Halloween and customer-obsessed and after speaking with and surveying shoppers one thing was clear; this year people are looking for startling, scary, eye-catching and unique items that will add a terrifying touch to festivities. From the minute shoppers’ step foot inside of a Party City or Halloween City store, their craving for fright will be fulfilled. We are here to help inspire our customers to create the Halloween look of their dreams, with our
limitless variety of Halloween essentials.”

Ahead of the ‘official’ Halloween season, Party City is debuting scarier and spookier products than ever before. Here is a sneak peek of what Halloween-enthusiasts can expect from the brand this year:


Create the ultimate Halloween display with fearsome Halloween animatronics that are guaranteed
to terrify trick-or-treaters and make visitors jump in fright. These new and unsettling animatronics
will be available exclusively at Party City stores and online, and Halloween City stores very soon.

  • Light-Up Talking Towering Witch: Anyone who dares disturb the slumber of this 10-
    foot-tall witch will see her eyes light up and head move while she cackles and utters
    terrifying phrases. Available at Party City stores and online, retails for $350.00.
  • Light-Up Talking Cackles the Clown: Cackles the Clown is what nightmares are made
    of. A 12 foot-tall animatronic, Cackles puts the horror in Halloween with his terrifying words
    and evil laugh. Available at Halloween City stores and select Party City stores, retails for
  • Zombie Raccoon Trashcan Pop-Out: This animatronic looks like an ordinary trashcan,
    until a rabid raccoon pops out! Available at Halloween City stores and online, retails for
  • Light-Up Talking Lava Demon with Fog Effect: This animatronic demon threatens a
    fiery fate while its head and hands are lit like magma. Available at Halloween City stores
    and online, retails for $270.00.
  • Crouching Zombie Child: When activated, zombie kid jerks up its head to reveal a blood-soaked undead face. Available at Party City stores and online, retails for $180.00.
  • Light-Up Talking Circus Popcorn Pop-Out Clown: This animatronic looks like a regular circus popcorn machine, until an evil clown pops out! Available at Halloween City stores, retails for $219.99.
  • Torture Box Woman: The six-foot Torture Box Woman laughs hysterically and writhes side to side as the box on her head gives her electric shocks. Available at Party City stores and online, retails for $200.00.
  • Rising Woman: This possessed woman will rise towards you while screaming in horror and lighting up. Keep your distance or you’ll be next. Available at Party City stores and online, retails for $180.00.

The life-size Halloween II Michael Myers animatronic is also back for 2022, priced at $220 and available to order online here.

Zagone Studio Masks

Bring the fright to fruition with Zagone Studio Masks, which will take your costume to the next level with their unique lifelike look and feel. This year, Party City and Zagone Studios have partnered to develop an exclusive line of limited-edition masks, available only at Party City stores and online on August 24. Be on the lookout for another exclusive line of masks dropping at Halloween City stores this September. Prices for all masks range from $50.00 – $65.00.

  • Blood Feeder Ghost Latex Mask: Your appetite is supernatural as the Blood Feeder
    Ghost! Strike fear as a corpulent ghost with a mouth full of savage, blood-soaked teeth.
    Available exclusively at Party City stores and online.
  • Primus Monster Latex Mask: Strike fear as an otherworldly monster in the Primus mask!
    This natural latex mask resembles a fanged, ape-like monster with shaggy brown hair.
    Available exclusively at Party City.
  • Mauler Latex Mask: Make an unforgettable appearance at the Halloween party as the
    Mauler, a fearsome bone-crushing monster! Available exclusively at Party City.
  • Crazed Psycho Latex Mask: Go crazy this Halloween in the Crazed Psycho mask that
    features a pale, contorted face with bulging eyes that only a ghoul could love. Available
    exclusively at Party City.
  • Damned Soul Latex Mask: Embrace your fate in the Damned Soul mask. Made of natural
    latex, this mask features a fearsome skeleton face. Available exclusively at Party City.
  • Whittler Zombie Latex Mask: Why not be a not-so-terrifying zombie; like the Whittler
    Zombie! This mask gives you the look of a gentle zombie in a baseball cap. Available
    exclusively at Party City.
  • Azul Crusher Latex Mask: Strike fear as the Azul Crusher. Made of natural latex rubber,
    this mask features a blue, alien-like face. Available exclusively at P City.
  • Gorilla Latex Mask: Unleash your wild side in this gorilla mask! Made of natural latex with
    attached synthetic hair, this gorilla mask is hyper realistic! Available exclusively at Party

You can view all of the products listed above and more in the photo gallery below and watch some of the new animatronics in action in the following videos.

(Click an image to enlarge.)

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