Spirit Halloween Summons Two New Releases for Black Friday 2022

Spirit Halloween has just announced two brand new releases available to order online this week ahead of Black Friday, including a new clown animatronic and a statue likeness of the stores’ mascot Jack the Reaper.

From the official animatronic announcement: Hello boys and girls and creatures of all shapes and sizes – Toothy the Clown is here to eat . . . I mean, greet you with his world-renowned smile. Swinging carefree from town to town with any circus that will take him, Toothy feeds his hunger for laughter and much more by disarming onlookers with his happy-go-lucky smile. However, we recommend keeping your distance and your guard up, or this cannibal clown will be using your bones for a toothpick before you know it. 

Standing 2.5 feet tall and priced at $249.99, you can order the new Toothy the Clown animatronic from Spirit Halloween here.

Also coming later this week: The first recorded appearance of Jack the Reaper was in 1983, but rumors and stories date back decades before that. His favorite haunt is the depths of your worst nightmare, and if you hear him speak, well, consider yourself not long for this world.

This collectible figure stands seven inches tall and is made of high-quality resin with scrupulously hand painted terrifying detail.

Priced at $39.99, you will be able to order the new Jack the Reaper statute here.

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Matt Artz

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