Throwback Halloween Slasher ‘The Third Saturday in October’ Arrives with Sequel ‘Part V’

Out on Digital platforms today, Dark Sky Films presents a double feature of retro-flavored throwback slasher awesomeness with the simultaneous release of The Third Saturday in October and its already-completed sequel The Third Saturday in October Part V.

The idea is that the films are part of a franchise that launched in the 1980s amid the slasher craze inspired by Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees, with Part V serving as a mid-1990s sequel, creating what promises to be a uniquely wild and insanely fun experience for horror fans who remember video rental stores and VHS tapes. (To be clear: There is no Part II, III, or IV.)

Written and directed by Jay Burleson, Part 1 is presented as a lost slasher film from the golden age of the genre, in which a man goes on a mission to stop a killer from death row before he can prey on more victims.

In Part V, also directed by Burleson, unstoppable killer Jack Harding is back in town after seven years, as he stalks and kills at random before chancing upon a football watch party.

The Third Saturday in October is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video here and its sequel The Third Saturday in October Part V is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video here.

You can check out the official trailers and posters for both films below.

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