‘Cobweb’ Trailer Reveals Halloween Setting

The official trailer for this summer’s new horror movie Cobweb dropped earlier today, and we were pleasantly surprised to see quite a bit of Halloween imagery featured throughout, revealing that the film takes place during the Halloween season.

The trailer opens with a clear shot of what appears to be a pumpkin patch, with later flashes of decorations and jack o’ lanterns, Lizzy Caplan’s character stabbing furiously at some pumpkins, and even culminating with shot of three people wearing Halloween masks with a lit jack o’ lantern visible at a house across the street.

The official synopsis: Eight-year-old Peter is plagued by a mysterious, constant tap, tap from inside his bedroom wall – a tapping that his parents insist is all in his imagination. As Peter’s fear intensifies, he believes that his parents could be hiding a terrible, dangerous secret and questions their trust. And for a child, what could be more frightening than that?

The film stars Lizzy Caplan (Castle Rock) and Antony Starr (The Boys) as the parents, along with Woody Norman as Peter, and Cleopatra Coleman (Infinity Pool, In the Shadow of the Moon, Rebel Moon), directed by Samuel Bodin, creator and director of the Netflix horror TV series Marianne. It is written by Chris Thomas Devlin, and produced by Roy Lee, Andrew Childs, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen, James Weaver, and Josh Fagen.

Cobweb will open in theaters on July 21, from Lionsgate.

You can watch the official trailer, and then scroll down to check out our collection of the Halloween imagery screenshots below.

Needless to say, our interest level in this new horror movie just increased, and you can look for more coverage of Cobweb coming soon.

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‘Cobweb’ Trailer Reveals Halloween Setting