Watch Michael Myers Men Behind The Mask Panel at ‘Halloween’ 45 Years of Terror [Video / Photos]

The epic Halloween: 45 Years of Terror franchise reunion convention brought the biggest Michael Myers event yet, with over 60 guests and thousands of fans from around the world, to Pasadena, California, and HDN was there to capture all of the excitement to share with you, including a special panel called The Men Behind the Mask, which featured 10 different men who have played The Shape on screen, as well as one Corey Cunningham double.

The Men Behind the Mask Q&A panel, which took place on Saturday, September 30, 2023, moderated by Brian Collins, featured Michael Myers actors Dick Warlock from Halloween II, Tom Morga from Halloween 4, Don Shanks from Halloween 5, A. Michael Lerner from Halloween 6, Chris Durand from Halloween H20, Brad Loree from Halloween: Resurrection, Tyler Mane from Halloween (2007) and Halloween II (2009), James Jude Courtney from Halloween (2018), Halloween Kills, and Halloween Ends, Airon Armstrong from Halloween Kills, Douglas Tait from Halloween Kills, and Rohan Campbell’s Corey Cunningham stunt double Cory DeMeyers from Halloween Ends!

You can watch our video highlights and see our exclusive photos from the Men Behind the Mask panel at H45 below.

(*Apologies for the poor audio during portions of this video.*)

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