Watch ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ 2023 Collectibles Unboxing [Video]

Bulls i Toy is back with two new sets of officially licensed The Nightmare Before Christmas collectibles, including new Squish ‘Ums squishable figures and new Creepy Cuff bracelets, which can also be used as decor as they can “hug” all kinds of objects in addition to being worn on your arm.

Each of these collections features an assortment of eight different characters from the 1993 Disney classic Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Squish ‘Ums figures include Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, Oogie Boogie, Lock, Shock, Barrel, and Santa Claus, while the Creepy Cuffs include all of the same, except substituting Santa out in favor of Jack in his Santa outfit this time.

The new 30th anniversary collectibles are each sold separately in blind boxes, so it’s always a mystery which one is inside the box.

HDN recently received a package from Bulls i Toy containing a ton of these new releases.

You can currently buy The Nightmare Before Christmas Squish ‘Ums here and buy the Creepy Cuffs here from Hot Topic.

You can watch our full unboxing, review, and showcase video of the new 2023 The Nightmare Before Christmas Squish ‘Ums figures and Creepy Cuffs bracelets below.

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