[Interview] ‘Departing Seniors’ Director and Cast Talk Slashers and Halloween

Departing Seniors introduces a new masked killer to the pantheon of movie slashers, and we are excited to get the scoop on the making of this original horror film from director Clare Cooney, making her feature directorial debut, and cast members Ignacio Diaz-Silverio and Yani Gellman, returning to the genre more than two decades after facing another infamous masked killer in Jason X.

In a series of fun video conversations last week, we talked about creating the latest addition to the slasher subgenre, if they are ready to see the Drama Club Killer costume being worn this Halloween, and of course much more about celebrating Halloween itself.

You can watch our full exclusive video interviews with Departing Seniors director Clare Cooney and lead actors Ignacio Diaz-Silverio and Yani Gellman below.

Departing Seniors is out now on out now on VOD (watch on Prime Video here).

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