New ‘Late Night with the Devil’ Full Teaser Trailer Breakdown [Video]

Two awesome teasers for the brand new Halloween horror movie Late Night with the Devil were released online this week, previewing this highly anticipated release hitting theaters in March and streaming on Shudder in April, and we have once again dissected the second teaser, as we did the first, for a breakdown video.

Written and directed by Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the film is set in 1977 and stars David Dastmalchian (Batman: The Long Halloween, The Suicide Squad) as syndicated late night talk show host Jack Delroy, who, under pressure from execs after the recent passing of is wife, is about to put on one hell of a Halloween episode. The name of the show is Night Owls, and guests on this Halloween special include psychics, skeptics, and parapsychologists, as viewers witness the chaos behind the scenes of the live production.

In their review out of SXSW last year, Bloody Disgusting says the film is both a “salute to late night television” and a “raucous horror ride,” further writing, “There’s so much happening, often at once, that it can be easy to miss key information. But the ingenuity, the painstaking period recreation, a riveting performance by Dastmalchian, and a showstopper of a finale make for one Halloween event you won’t want to miss.”

Deadline further calls the film, “a richly detailed ’70s meta-horror film,” and Dread Central says in their review, “The Cairnes brothers do an exceptional job of walking the line between straight horror and mockumentary, largely due to placing a fictional television event inside the real-world events of the 1970s. The analog quality and overall look of Late Night with the Devil are just convincing enough to seem real.”

Most recently, legendary author Stephen King tweeted about the film, proclaiming, “LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL: I got a screener. It’s absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Your results may vary, as they say, but I urge you to watch it when you can.”

Late Night With The Devil will be released in theaters on March 22, from IFC Films and Shudder, and will then stream exclusively on Shudder starting on April 19.

You can watch our full teaser trailer breakdown and reaction (for HDN YouTube Channel Members) videos, below.

Ingrid Torelli, Laura Gordon, David Dastmalchian in
Ingrid Torelli, Laura Gordon, David Dastmalchian in “Late Night With the Devil” (Courtesy of Kelly Gardener)

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