[Interview] Douglas Tait Talks ‘Halloween Kills’, ‘Freddy vs. Jason’, ‘Angel Baby’, and More

One of only two actors to portray both Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees on film, our friend Douglas Tait joined us on our Michael Myers Monday Live show this week for a brand new interview and viewer Q&A, discussing his memories from both Haddonfield, where he worked as James Jude Courtney‘s stunt double for a pivotal scene in the 2021 sequel Halloween Kills, and from Crystal Lake, where he stepped behind the iconic hockey mask for the final scene in 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason, and much more, including his recent directorial debut, the thriller Angel Baby.

During our live conversation Monday night, Tait also gave us his thoughts on the Halloween franchise TV series that is currently in development with Trancas and Miramax. And of course we discussed what Halloween the holiday itself means to Douglas.

You can watch our full interview from this week’s Michael Myers Monday Live broadcast with special guest Douglas Tait below (The interview starts at the 13:41 mark here.)

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Douglas Tait with HDN's Matt Artz at Mad Monster Party 2022. (Photo by Sue Artz for Halloween Daily News)
Douglas Tait with HDN’s Matt Artz at Mad Monster Party 2022. (Photo by Sue Artz for Halloween Daily News)

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