Joe Dante Directing New Movie ‘Little Shop of Halloween Horrors’

Legendary genre filmmakers Joe Dante and Roger Corman are teaming up to relaunch Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors franchise with the new movie Little Shop of Halloween Horrors.

Deadline reports today that director Joe Dante and producer Roger Corman are teaming with Emmy-nominated veteran producer Brad Krevoy, CEO of MPCA, on Little Shop of Halloween Horrors, which will be a reboot of Corman’s 1960 horror comedy Little Shop of Horrors. The new film is a reimagining intended to jumpstart a new franchise.

Little Shop of Halloween Horrors will be directed by Dante (Gremlins, The Howling, The ‘Burbs, Tales of Halloween, Burying the Ex) from a script by Charles S. Haas (Gremlins 2: The New Batch), with Corman and Krevoy co-producing.

Corman’s original 1960 film version of Little Shop of Horrors starred a young Jack Nicholson in the story of a florist who discovers a strange plant with a craving for human flesh. As the plant grows, the florist Seymour must feed it victims to keep it satisfied, leading to a series of “darkly comedic and increasingly twisted events”.

It was later adapted into a 1982 off-Broadway musical, which itself inspired Frank Oz’s 1986 musical horror comedy film of the same name, starring Rick Moranis, Steve Martin, Jim Belushi, John Candy, Christopher Guest, and Bill Murray.

Plot details are not yet available for the new movie, but with the word Halloween in the title, it is safe to assume it will take place during the Halloween season.

Stay tuned for more on Little Shop of Halloween Horrors coming soon.

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