‘Late Night with the Devil’ is Must-See Halloween Horror [Review]

The new independent horror film Late Night with the Devil has arrived, and it is the first and quite possibly best Halloween movie of 2024, a must-see nightmare that captures the spirit of and pays great homage to both television of the late 1970s, as well as the genre classics of the same era, taking viewers one hell of a wild trip that will not soon be forgotten.

Written and directed by Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the film is set in 1977 and stars David Dastmalchian (Batman: The Long Halloween, The Suicide Squad) as syndicated late night talk show host Jack Delroy, who, under pressure from execs after the recent passing of is wife, is about to put on one hell of a Halloween episode. The name of the show is Night Owls, and guests on this Halloween special include psychics, skeptics, and parapsychologists, as viewers witness the chaos behind the scenes of the live production.

Late Night With The Devil is in select theaters now, from IFC Films and Shudder, and will be available to stream exclusively on Shudder starting on April 19.

You can watch our full review of the film below.

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Matt Artz

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