’10/31 Part 4′ Official Poster Revealed [Exclusive]

The fourth entry in the independent Halloween horror anthology series, 10/31 Part 4 has just been announced, and we are excited to exclusively reveal the official posters.

Halloween Daily News can also confirm the lineup of directors for Part 4, including Ryan Sheets (The Pumpkin Man), Taylor and Matthew McManus (Slash -O- Lantern Part 1,2, and 3) Dylan R. Nix (Sharp Candy, The Demon of Serling), and Dustin Ferguson (Apex Predator, Spider Baby).

Jennifer Nangle is also confirmed to return as horror hostess Malvolia, the Queen of Screams.

The new film is a sequel to 10/31 (a 2018 Halloween International Film Festival Official Selection), 10/31 Part 2 (a segment of which premiered at the 2019 Halloween International Film Festival), and 2021’s 10/31 Part 3.

Production is currently underway on 10/31 Part 4, coming to physical media this October, from Scream Team Releasing.

You can see the official poster by artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, as well as the Indiegogo-exclusive variant by Zachary Jackson Brown, below.

Artz Music & Photography: 10/31 Part IV &emdash;

Artz Music & Photography: 10/31 Part IV &emdash;

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