Home Depot Releases First New 2024 Halloween Props and Animatronic Online

The Home Depot has already teased their 2024 lineup of new Halloween props and animatronics, and today the first of this year’s releases went on sale online, along with certain 12-foot returning favorite.

As promised on social media yesterday and pictured below, in honor of Halfway to Halloween, The Home Depot has summoned limited quantities of the popular 12-foot skeleton (aka Skelly), as well as three new 2024 additions, including a giant seven-foot long Skelly Dog, a 12.5-foot Inferno Deadwood Skelly, and a life-sized Frankenstein’s Monster animatronic.

Standing seven feet tall, with motion-sensored animated eyes and arm movements and sound, priced at $279, you can order the Frankenstein’s Monster animatronic here.

Priced at $379, you can order the 12.5ft Inferno Deadwood Skelly here.

Standing five feet tall and seven feet long, priced at $199, you can order the giant Skelly Dog here.

Priced at $299 and now with newly upgraded eyes, you can order the original 12ft Skelly skeleton here.

You can shop Halloween products from Home Depot here.

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Matt Artz

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