Home Depot Releases New Darth Vader Animatronic for Star Wars Day

The Home Depot is celebrating Star Wars Day, releasing a limited supply of the new officially licensed life-size Darth Vader animatronic online Saturday (May the 4th be with you!).

Lord Vader will use the Force to detect you with his motion sensor activation, moving his red LED light saber, featuring classic Darth Vader sound effects.

Standing at seven feet tall, the Darth Vader animatronic comes with interchangeable props, including a pumpkin carved into the Death Star for Halloween, and a Death Star holiday ornament and candy cane-striped light saber for Christmas.

Priced at $299, the Darth Vader animatronic will be available to order here for a limited time only on May 4, but just like the Sith, he will return online and in The Home Depot stores later this year.

You can shop more Halloween products from Home Depot here.

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Matt Artz

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