Leatherface and More Horror Icon Animatronics Return for 2024 from Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween‘s life-size Leatherface animatronic with his “Pretty Woman” mask and outfit, officially licensed from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, is back for 2024, in stock and available to order online now, along with other horror icons also returning this year.

First released in 2023, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s infamous Leatherface stands six feet tall and comes complete with his revving chainsaw and wearing his “Pretty Woman” mask, as seen in the finale of the 1973 horror classic. Priced at $350, you can buy LEATHERFACE here.

Joining Leatherface, other previously released licensed returning favorites include:

The 4.3-foot Sam animatronic from Trick ‘r Treat is priced at $180 and available to order online here.

The 5-foot Regan animatronic from The Exorcist, is priced at $280 and available to order here.

The 5-foot Shorty animatronic from Killer Klowns from Outer Space, is priced at $230 and available to order here.

The 5.8-foot officially licensed Beetlejuice animatronic is priced at $280 and available to order here.

You can see them in action below.

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