‘Fun-Size Pieces of Sharp Candy: The Movie’ First Look Revealed [Exclusive]

A feature film adaptation of the Sharp Candy anthology series of Halloween horror shorts, Fun-Size Pieces of Sharp Candy: The Movie has just been announced, and we are excited to exclusively reveal some brand new first look images. Read on for the official press release.

Archico Productions is proud to announce that Sharp Candy is back in the form of Fun-Size Pieces of Sharp Candy: The Movie; a new horror anthology feature film based off the book series of the same name.

Originally planned as a different show from the 2019 series, this spin-off was to be based on the new Fun-Size Pieces of Sharp Candy books with a pilot episode being shot back in 2021. However, after the production of their previous feature The Demon of Serling, Archico decided to go back to their horror roots and turn the new show into a standalone feature.

This feature is not a sequel to the 2019 Sharp Candy series and is a complete entity of its own, though it does star the familiar face of clown, Baron Von Laugho, as the host in the wraparound segment.

The official synopsis: In this super energetic anthology, Laugho the clown bemoans the end of Halloween by telling four horror stories revolving around different holidays. Two thieves try to break into a large safe on Thanksgiving, while a U.S. Navy Diver has a nightmarish experience on the ocean floor instead of being home for Christmas; then an Easter bunny wreaks havoc against a husband and wife during a road trip; and a pair of ex-campers visit their condemned summer camp and history repeats itself on the blood-stained grounds during the 4th of July.

Archico will be launching an Indiegogo to help fund a portion of the film’s budget and is set to include a wide variety of perks including:

• Blu ray
• Movie Adaptation Comic Book (featuring artwork by Jack Vines/ Instagram @ghoulportal)
• Movie Board Game

And more once the Indiegogo launches on June 14.

Until then, you can feast on some exclusive first look images and the teaser poster, as well as a first look at the upcoming board game and comic book tie-ins, below.

(Click an image to enlarge.)

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