[Interview] Sonya Walger and Hayley Erin Talk ‘New Life’, and Halloween

The horror thriller New Life arrives in theaters and on VOD this week, and we talked to the movie’s leads Hayley Erin (Pretty Little Liars) and Sonya Walger (Lost, For All Mankind) recently about their roles, working with first time feature writer and director John Rosman, and of course their feelings on Halloween.

The film follows a mysterious woman on the run (played by Erin) and the resourceful fixer assigned to bring her in (played by Walger), as their two unique stories inextricably link, while the stakes of the pursuit rise to apocalyptic proportions.

In our video conversation with Walger and Erin last week, we also discussed their thoughts on modern spy technology versus another pandemic-level viral threat, and each of their relationships to Halloween itself, including their favorite costumes and candy treats.

You can watch our exclusive video interview with Hayley Erin and Sonya Walger below.

New Life will be released in theaters and on VOD this Friday, May 3.

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Matt Artz

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