[Interview] Joe Russo and Chris LaMont Talk Horror of ‘The Inheritance’ and Halloween

Death is coming for the billionaire patriarch of an estranged family in the new horror movie The Inheritance, arriving on digital this week, and we talked to the film’s co-writers Joe Russo and Chris LaMont recently about their old school genre inspirations, plus Halloween, home haunts, and more.

In the film, on the eve of his 75th birthday, billionaire Charles Abernathy invites his estranged children back home out of fear that tonight someone or something is going to kill him. He puts each of their inheritances on the line, to ensure they’ll help keep him alive.

The ensemble cast includes Bob Gunton, Peyton List (Hubie Halloween), Briana Middleton, Rachel Nichols, Austin Stowell, David Walton, Resse Alexander, and Chris Wood. The film is directed by Alejandro Brugués (Juan of the Dead, Satanic Hispanics), and written by LaMont and Russo (Nightmare Cinema).

In a totally fun conversation last week, Chris and Joe lit up when talking about their own love for all things Halloween, as LaMont has put on a home haunt for many years, a Russo has become a bit of a jack o’ lantern artist, and they immediately commented on the Halloween III Silver Shamrock masks they spotted in our background.

The Inheritance will be released in select theaters and on VOD this Friday, July 12.

You can watch our full video interview with Chris LaMont and Joe Russo below.

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