Adam Green Clarifies ‘Halloween’ Comments

In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit yesterday, director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) was asked about a recent story by Starbust in which Green expressed his desire to direct the next Halloween movie and offered an opening scenario, but he says his quotes were taken out of context in an interview that was meant to be about his newest directorial effort Digging Up The Marrow.

In response to a fan question about his “proposed Halloween film”, Green responded: “I never actually proposed a Halloween film. That was all just spun into a “story” from a writer looking for hits and traffic to their site and story. At the end of an hour long MARROW interview the writer asked as a ‘just for fun’… if you could take on an existing character or franchise which one would you pick?”

Green’s full response continues: “It was all hypothetical and in fun but the way he quoted ONLY certain things and the fact that he didn’t print anything about MARROW in that article and slapped a ‘ADAM GREEN WANTS TO DIRECT HALLOWEEN!’ as a headline somehow made everyone think it was some kind of real news. If anything, the guy probably killed any chance of me ever directing it by doing that as that’s in such poor taste for a filmmaker to do (go to a random website with it and not directly to the studio??) and not how things work in Hollywood.

“Even more comical is how people are analyzing my ‘pitch’ when there is no fleshed out pitch in the story at all. Just a hypothetical opening scene that is far from detailed. I’ll be addressing the whole thing on next Monday’s podcast but I’m very disappointed in the writer for doing that, especially after I generously gave him double his allotted time for an interview about MARROW. Needless to say, that won’t happen for him again.

“My two cents on it all… Marcus Dunstan should direct HALLOWEEN since he and his writing partner Patrick Melton are writing it. Marcus is a terrific director and I’d like to see him direct his own script if they will let him. If for some reason he can’t do it and the studio comes to me…? I’d consider it. But HALLOWEEN is absolutely not on my mind in any way at this point.”

Later in the session, in response to a similar question, Green further states: “I would only entertain it if Marcus couldn’t do it for some reason.”

So that’s that, for now at least. We will certainly be listening to Adam Green’s podcast this Monday to hear what else he has to say about this!

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Matt Artz

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Adam Green Clarifies ‘Halloween’ Comments