Adam Green Wants To Direct New ‘Halloween’ Movie

Director Adam Green (Hatchet, Frozen) says he wants to direct the next Halloween movie, has met with the producers in recent years, is great friends with the newly announced writers, and even has pitch ready to go! 
UPDATE: Adam Green Clarifies ‘Halloween’ Comments

Starburst is reporting that they spoke to Green while he was on is recent tour promoting his latest film Digging Up The Marrow, and they got quite a lot from the director. Whether or not you like Green’s prior films, I personally love his idea of how to re-launch the franchise.

According to the site, Green says: “Michael Myers. I want HALLOWEEN bad. Finally they have writers [Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan]. I love them dearly and I think that if anybody can try to fix this, it’s them. I’ve been brought in to meet before, for all these years where they thought they were gonna do it then it wouldn’t happen. But I would love to do a HALLOWEEN movie. It’s my favourite holiday, it’s my favourite of the franchises. I love Freddy, I love Jason, I would just really love to do a HALLOWEEN movie. All you’ve gotta do is make a good Michael Myers movie, that’s it!”
When asked what he would do with the franchise, Green responded: “If it was up to me, I would start the movie with some teenage girls at a sleepover in Haddonfield telling ghost stories. One quick ghost story, another quick urban legend, and then somebody says ‘Do you know about the boogeyman?’ Maybe some of them know, one of them definitely doesn’t because they’ve just moved there or whatever. Then they tell the story in one minute, and it’s the story of the original movie. Then Michael Myers turns up, kill those girls, you get your opening scene kill, and then in your opening credits montage you see pictures of Donald Pleasance, see pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis. Erase everything else that’s happened until now, but the whole lore is that you don’t know when he’ll come back to Haddonfield, you don’t know why, but this Halloween he came back again. That’s it.
“Then have a good story, good characters, and good actors, and good kills, and shoot it like Carpenter did the first one. Dread, suspense. Hatchet isn’t about dread or suspense, it’s about over-the-top, it’s about ridiculous, it’s about just go-go-go. But HALLOWEEN would need to be handled differently. For me, that’s the HALLOWEEN movie I wanna see. And I wanna see the original mask, the original overalls, and I’d wanna get rid of the cult, the Thorn, and the family. It’s just Michael Myers, that’s it. Give us what we want.”
What do you think of his pitch? How would you feel about Adam Green directing the next Halloween movie? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

Matt Artz

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