Trick or Treat Studios Announces 1975 Capt. Kirk Mask for 2017

Trick or Treat Studios are simply the best at providing the most authentic, high quality masks and accessories from all of our favorite genre franchises, and now comes the announcement that 2017 will bring the release of their version of  the original 1975 Star Trek Captain Kirk mask by Don Post, which of course was eventually altered by Tommy Lee Wallace to create the iconic Michael Myers mask from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

The announcement was made when Trick or Treat Studios president Chris Zephro and art director Justin Mabry were guests on Episode 3 of our new favorite podcast The Justin Beahm Radio Hour, which is a fascinating and informative interview that you can listen to here.

Trick or Treat Studios has already held the licenses for and released definitive masks from Halloween II, Halloween III, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween: Twenty Years Later, and Halloween: Resurrection, but the license rights to the mask from Carpenter’s 1978 film, as well as Halloween 4 and 5, remains at Rubie’s Costumes.

Zephro says this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future, though he would still love the chance to release what would conceivably be Mabry’s definitive Myers mask.

Until then, however, a recreation of the ’75 Kirk that became the original Myers mask is undeniably the closest thing possible for avid collectors, who will love following in Wallace’s footsteps in altering and customizing the new release to match the Myers mask from Halloween perfectly.

In the podcast interview, Zephro explains that a recent agreement with CBS, where the original Star Trek TV show first aired, will allow for Trick or Treat Studios to release their 1975 Captain Kirk mask starting in 2017, sculpted by Mabry.

“We signed with CBS to do the original Star Trek, and we are coming out with the 1975 Kirk in 2017,” says Zephro. “So you will be able to now buy a ’75 Kirk mask. We are going to do some of the monsters too, like the salt monster and some of the other monsters from Star Trek. We got it (the license) for the ’75 Kirk fans.”

Along with the same contract agreement with CBS, Trick or Treat Studios also gets the license for The Twilight Zone starting in 2017 as well!

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Matt Artz

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