[Fan Film] ‘Samhain’

There are literally hundreds of Halloween-inspired fan films on the internet, and Halloween Daily News is excited to showcase some of the best and most original that we have seen.

Today we’re featuring the 2015 short film Samhain, which is actually much more than just a Halloween fan film, but a love letter to all our favorite slashers, uniting a dream team of icons including Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, and a few more you will recognize.

The fact that it’s all in French makes it that much more surreal, and creepy.

From the official synopsis : “October 31, Halloween. A young woman is about to keep her little brother while their parents are out. The boy and his sister go hunt for candies, but throughout Halloween day the girl is not at all excited about this special day. The girl will not respect the Halloween rules, and a chain of events will instill the respect and terror to her…”

Samhain is written by Damien Madcaser, Raphael Mundt, and Romain Konieczny and directed by Romain Konieczny and Raphael Mundt, starring Catherine Buriez as “The Sister” and Lucas Konieczny as “The Little Brother”.

Watch Samhain in the player below, and then tell us what you think in the comments!

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[Fan Film] ‘Samhain’