Hallmark Channel Halloween Specials Announced

The Hallmark Channel has announced a month of Halloween-themed programming on Saturdays and Sundays during their Fall Harvest 2016 event in October.

Among the highlights is the premiere of new entry in the Good Witch franchise. In Good Witch: The Enchantress, Cassie (Catherine Bell) welcomes a popular fantasy author and her editor to Grey House. Before long, Cassie inspires her to hold the launch party for her latest book right there in Middleton, which shares mysterious and surprising similarities with her stories. Work begins to transform Middleton into the book’s Halloween-inspired setting of Tarynsville but when the event is threatened, Cassie must conjure up a way to save the day – all the while helping the author and editor find a long-simmering love.

Read on to check out the schedule of heartfelt, romantic originals airing during Fall Harvest on Hallmark Channel this October:

Saturday, October 1st
11a/10c: Surprised By Love
1/12c: Summer of Dreams
3/2c: Dater’s Handbook
5/4c: The Good Witch
7/6c: October Kiss
9/8c: Love on a Limb (A World Premiere Original)

Sunday, October 2nd
11a/10c: June in January
1/12c: A Wish Come True
3/2c: Wedding Bells
5/4c: Love on a Limb
7/6c: Autumn Dreams
9/8c: Chesapeake Shores New Episode

Saturday, October 8th
11a/10c: A Ring by Spring
1/12c: Lucky in Love
3/2c: My Summer Prince
5/4c: A Country Wedding
7/6c: Love on a Limb
9/8c: Autumn in the Vineyard (A World Premiere Original)

Sunday, October 9th
11a/10c: The Good Witch’s Charm
1/12c: Love on a Limb
3/2c: The Wedding March
5/4c: Autumn in the Vineyard
7/6c: Harvest Moon
9/8c: Chesapeake Shores Season Finale

Saturday, October 15th
11a/10c: First Daughter
1/12c: I Do, I Do, I Do
3/2c: The Good Witch’s Destiny
5/4c: Love on the Sidelines
7/6c: Autumn in the Vineyard
9/8c: Pumpkin Pie Wars (A World Premiere Original)

Sunday, October 16th
11a/10c: Love by Chance
1/12c: Autumn in the Vineyard
3/2c: Love in Paradise
5/4c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
7/6c: Summer Villa
9/8c: October Kiss

Saturday, October 22nd
11a/10c: Autumn Dreams
1/12c: Harvest Moon
3/2c: Autumn in the Vineyard
5/4c: Love on a Limb
7/6c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
9/8c: Good Witch: The Enchantress (A World Premiere Original)

Sunday, October 23rd
11a/10c: Midnight Masquerade
1/12c: Pumpkin Pie Wars
3/2c: All of My Heart
5/4c: Good Witch: The Enchantress
7/6c: Anything for Love
9/8c: Stop the Wedding

See what else is on TV for Halloween 2016 here!

Good Witch Halloween

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Hallmark Channel Halloween Specials Announced