Watch Apple’s Haunting, Heartwarming Frankenstein Christmas Commercial!

It’s not often that the most iconic monster of all time is associated with the Christmas season, but that is exactly what Apple has done with their haunting and heartwarming new holiday commercial featuring the Frankenstein creature.

Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond) portrays the monster from Mary Shelley’s classic novel in the new TV ad, in which the misunderstood creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein finally receives the warm welcome he’s always yearned for.

This is actually a masterful blending of one of the most recognizable characters in all of pop culture – one that has become synonymous with Halloween over the years – with giving spirit of Christmas.

And the message of “Open your heart to everyone” is perhaps more timely now than ever.

You can watch the full “Frankie’s Holiday” Apple commercial below!

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Matt Artz

Founded Halloween Daily News in 2012 and the Halloween International Film Festival in 2016. Professional writer/journalist/photographer since 2000.