New 2018 Masks and Props from Trick or Treat Studios Revealed

It’s that time of year again when the world’s top mask makers start unveiling their newest creations coming to retailers soon, and the artists at Trick or Treat Studios have just released their 2018 catalog.

In the photo gallery below, you can see new official looks at the latest from the popular Goosebumps line, inspired by the TV episodes “The Haunted Mask II” and “Attack of the Jack-o-Lanterns”.

The Strangers also join the Trick or Treat Studios family starting this year, with new Man in the Mask, Pin-up Girl, and Dollface masks inspired by the three killers from the 2008 film and this year’s sequel Prey at Night.

Joining the Texas Chain Saw Massacre line in 2018 is the 2003 remake Leatherface mask and deluxe costume; Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Leatherface, Skin Face, Grandpa, and Chop Top masks; Nubbins prop; Part III Leatherface mask; and 1974 chainsaw prop.

Following last year’s landmark release of the 1975 Captain Kirk mask (which was used to create the original Michael Myers mask in John Carpenter’s Halloween), this year brings the addition of Spock to the Star Trek mask lineup, pulled directly from the original ’75 Don Post mold. An alien Balok mask and official Spock ears are also new for 2018.

New to the Child’s Play line is an officially licensed Good Guy Chucky doll prop, as well as a new Child’s Play 2 “Evil Chucky” mask and deluxe adult costume.

American Horror Story fans will get to join Kai Anderson’s Cult with three new masks based on those featured in Season 7 of the FX series, nicknamed “Holes”, “Puzzle Face”, and “Flip Flop”, plus a new Twisty deluxe mouthpiece.

The new Stanley Kubrik Collection features full costumes of Alex from A Clockwork Orange, as well as Jack Torrance and the Grady twins from The Shining, and masks from Eyes Wide Shut.

From The Walking Dead, 2018 brings two new “Barnicle Walker” masks, full Negan and Rick Grimes costumes, and the Rick Grimes hatchet prop.

Perhaps most exciting for longtime enthusiasts is the new Don Post Classic Collection, featuring re-issues of seven of the most popular releases from the iconic mask making company.

Other 2018 highlights include an incredibly life-like Rocky Balboa mask joining the Clubber Lang and Apollo Creed previous releases in the Rocky line; pro wrestler masks of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Undertaker, The Rock, Ric Flair, and Andre the Giant; new masks inspired by the metal bands Iron Maiden and Ghost; the Silent Hill nurse mask; a clown puppet mask and prop from Dead Silence; Shrieker and Gingerdeadman masks from Full Moon Features; Party Skeleton and Tar Man masks and Trash costume from Return of the Living Dead; a full Krampus costume; Game of Thrones white walker chest piece, dragon mask, and Mountain helmet; and a frighteningly authentic Elephant Man mask.

All of these masks, props, and accessories will soon be available for pre-order at the official Trick or Treat Studios site.

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