Watch ‘Halloween’ Shot-for-Shot Fan Film Tribute

The Year of The Shape continues, as a group of indie filmmakers who share a love for Halloween have teamed up to faithfully recreate four iconic scenes from John Carpenter’s 1978 classic, along with fifth scene of their own, just released online as part of the ongoing 40th anniversary celebration.

Halloween Daily News caught up with the fan film’s co-directors Michael T. Lombardi (who also portrays The Shape) and Nils Toledo Jr. to get the scoop on this project, which used look-like actors and tried to match costumes, settings. lighting, and camera angles as close as possible to how Carpenter did it. You can read our exclusive interview here, and then be sure to check out the finished fan film below.

Michael T. Originals SHOT-FOR-SHOT in association with TNT Media presents John Carpenter’s Halloween, an independently shot Halloween tribute project is produced and directed by Michael T. Lombardi and Nils Toledo, Jr.

The short film project recreates four iconic scenes from John Carpenter’s 1978 horror film, with great care being taken to be as faithful to the original as possible. The production also recreated a fifth scene but put their own original spin on it. Local look-alike actors were cast, costumes were duplicated, and locations were chosen that allowed the filmmakers to capture the overall aesthetic of Carpenter’s classic. It should be noted that the production had virtually no budget, and was a true labor of love for all involved.

Lombardi and Toledo, themselves big fans of the original film, wanted to do something special to celebrate the 40th anniversary, and also to challenge themselves as filmmakers, with each scene being painstakingly shot to replicate the exact angles, lighting, and performances.

“As huge horror fans, the original ‘Halloween’ is our favorite film in the genre. It’s the perfect combination of great storytelling, solid production values, and an unforgettable performance by Jamie Lee Curtis. Our challenge has been to bring these five scenes back to life as accurately as possible and give the fans something to be excited about”, Lombardi said.

The short film, as well as a behind-the-scenes video on the project, can be viewed below.


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