Trick or Treat Studios Reveals ‘Halloween’ 2018 Michael Myers Bloody Edition Mask

Trick or Treat Studios had been promising for months that they would be revealing an alternate Michael Myers mask from the Halloween movie once the film was out in theaters, and that reveal came today (Nov. 1st) with the official announcement of a “Bloody Edition” of the new mask.

Like its predecessor, the Bloody Edition mask comes directly from the screen-used movie master and is an exact replica of the mask worn by Michael Myers in Halloween 2018. [SPOILER WARNING] The new mask is from Myers’ final scene in the film.

The 2018 Michael Myers mask is designed by Oscar and Emmy-winning makeup effects artist Christopher Nelson (read our interview here), Vincent Van Dyke, and Trick or Treat Studios’ own Justin Mabry.

Halloween Daily News is an authorized seller of Trick or Treat Studios products, and the first mask from the company that we have available for sale in our online store is the Halloween 2018 Michael Myers mask, which you can order here. We plan to add the Bloody Edition to our shop as soon as they begin shipping, expected in August 2019. Until then, you can pre-order your Bloody Edition here.

You can see photos of the latest Michael Myers mask from Trick or Studios below.

[Read our interview with Christopher Nelson on making Michael Myers’ mask for Halloween 2018 here.]

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Matt Artz

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