Strode Realty Myers House Key Replica Available Now

A truly unique collectible for fans of John Carpenter’s Halloween, the new Strode Realty Myers House key replica is available now from our friends at Spook House Studios.

Surely you remember that in the 1978 classic film, Laurie Strode’s real estate agent father has her drop of the key to the Myers House at the infamous home where Judith Myers was killed by her little brother Michael in 1963, which prompts Michael’s initial obsession with Laurie.

The key comes with a key chain baring the Strode Realty logo, as well as a police evidence tag that is dated “10-31-78”, stating that the key was found in the foyer of the Myers House, where Laurie left it.

You can get a good look at this awesome release in our video and photo gallery below.

A killer deal at just $9.99, you can order yours now at


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Matt Artz

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Strode Realty Myers House Key Replica Available Now