ThrillerGram Podcast Episode “Samhain” is a ‘Halloween H20’ Timeline Sequel

The latest episode of the horror-themed dramatic podcast series ThrillerGram is set in the universe of John Carpenter’s Halloween and serves an unofficial sequel in the Halloween H20 timeline, following the events of 2002’s Halloween Resurrection.

The format of ThrillerGram is reminiscent of the pre-television era radio shows, with voice actors performing the roles, complete with music and sound effects to tell an immersive scripted drama. As writer and director Kohl Bladen says, it’s “like watching a Halloween film, but for your ears.”

The Season 2 finale episode “Samhain” takes place in present day. Laurie Strode is dead, but her granddaughter, 21-year-old Sarah Tate, has just reconnected with Laurie’s mom, Pamela Strode. And of course The Bogeyman is coming home again. Other familiar characters that turn up include Sheriff Brackett and Steven Lloyd.

Set 19 years after Laurie Strode’s death at the Grace Andersen Sanitarium in the opening of Halloween Resurrection, the film begins on Oct. 28 in Summer Glen, California, as Sarah Tate receives an email from Strode Realty, written by her great grandmother, Pamela Strode. She asks Sarah to come to Haddonfield, Illinois to meet her for the first time. Sarah’s dad, John Tate, recently died from cancer.

Along the way on their road trip to Haddonfield, there are numerous Easter egg references that fans of the franchise will appreciate, as Sarah, her roommate Kaitlyn, and Kaitlyn’s boyfriend Conner get closer to their destiny.

Pamela informs Sarah that Laurie was “a Strode by heart, but a Myers by blood,” and she’s worried that Sarah’s great uncle will return again for her. I won’t spoil any more, but needless to say, “evil never dies.”

“Samhain” is the “Halloween 9” that many fans have always wanted, effectively continuing the Halloween H20/Resurrection requel-ized timeline with a chilling new chapter in the original canon saga presented in a unique and fun format.

You can listen to ThrillerGram’s “Samhain” episode in the video below.


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Matt Artz

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