‘Two Heads Creek’ is a Hilarious and Bloody Tourist Trap [Review]

The new horror comedy from the land down under, Two Heads Creek is a hilarious and gory trip into a deadly tourist trap, a lighthearted and welcome escape from the real world drama we’re all living through right now.

The film centers on timid butcher Norman, played by Jordan Waller, who also wrote the film, and his drama queen twin sister Annabelle, played by Kathryn Wilder. It begins in modern post-Brexit Britain, where Annabelle’s face is around every corner in advertisements for a stool-inducer, which leads to one of many gross but undeniably entertaining running gags.

At the funeral of their mother, the siblings are shocked to learn that she was in fact not their birth mother. They are soon off on a journey to Australia to find their real mom, who we later learn put them up for adoption in hopes of protecting them from the local villagers of the remote town of Two Heads Creek that hold a dark secret.

An outstanding Helen Dallimore all but steals the show as Australian tour guide “Bad” Apple, and Kerry Armstrong is exceptional as Mary, who gets some of the best lines in the final act.

It all leads to an epic “Australia Day” celebration that includes karaoke and cannibalism, and a finale showdown at the “Villagers Arms Hotel” that involves a terrifyingly massive meat mincer.

Director Jesse O’Brien brilliantly compliments Waller’s laugh-out-loud script with equally humorous and quite visceral visuals, as the film moves at a rapid pace and plays with our ingrained horror fan expectations to deliver a truly fun adventure that never wastes a frame or one second of its brisk 85-minute runtime.

The classic 1975 song “Horror Movie,” by the Australian band Skyhooks, is used effectively more than once, including a climactic karaoke rendition that quite literally slays.

With superb performances from the entire cast and great writing that is timely and ballsy, there is ultimately way more heart in this film than I could have expected, and I never stopped smiling (or laughing) while watching.

At times both bloody and disgusting, but always funny as hell, Two Heads Creek is out now on all VOD platforms, available to watch via Amazon Prime, from The Horror Collective.

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‘Two Heads Creek’ is a Hilarious and Bloody Tourist Trap [Review]