The Doll in the Hall Hopes to be a New Halloween Tradition

The Doll in the Hall is aiming to be a new Halloween tradition that brings a scary story about a creepy doll right into your home, similar to the popular Elf on the Shelf.

Gilbert Sotero is the owner of The Doll in the Hall LLC, a minority and veteran-owned small business and the creators of The Doll in the Hall doll and book.

According to Sotero, the tradition centers around Deadra, a cursed doll whose goal is to scare you enough to quit her annual Halloween challenge. If the story sounds a bit scary for a family tradition, that’s because it is. Rather than teaching kindness or good behavior, The Doll in the Hall helps kids face their fears and build self-confidence.

“Our product is a Halloween doll and book combo,” explains Sotero. “Deadra is our 18-inch custom doll with five points of articulation. Our book is 13 pages long, fully illustrated, and written as a poem.”

As the project’s Kickstarter page states, “The Doll in the Hall story doesn’t teach children that monsters exist. Children already know monsters exist. Our story teaches them that monsters can be defeated. The Doll in the Hall challenge provides a fun way for children to live through a scary story without any of the consequences. By Halloween, they emerge with a new sense of bravery and self-confidence. It’s perfect for a Halloween in quarantine.”

In a year when many of our normal Halloween traditions may not be possible, or will look very different, this could be a cool new addition to many families’ Halloween at-home celebrations in 2020.

You can learn more about The Doll in the Hall and support the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign here.

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Matt Artz

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