‘Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels’ Book Now Available

Following 2019’s highly successful and informative Halloween franchise behind the scenes book Taking Shape: Developing Halloween from Script to Scream, authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins are back to bring you an inside look at 24 lost Halloween sequels that never made it to the big screen, with their new follow up, Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels.

Focusing on the many written but unmade treatments and one-time projects throughout the 42-year history of the Halloween movie franchise, in the new book, you will learn all about these fascinating abandoned visions direct from their creators, many of whom have never spoken publicly on the subject before.

At 600 pages, Taking Shape II is brimming with untold franchise history, as the journey begins with an insightful foreword by Halloween: 25 Years of Terror producer Anthony Masi.

Taking Shape II covers:
– An alternate Halloween III pitched decades after the first one!
– Three unused versions of Halloween 4 – one with Laurie Strode!
– Exclusive details on an early Halloween 5 – with evil Jamie Lloyd!
– The Halloween 6 nearly produced by Quentin Tarantino!
– An early version of Halloween 7 before it became H20!
– Three different sequels to Halloween: Resurrection!
– Insight into how a crossover with Hellraiser almost came to be!
– Two different stabs at a 3D sequel in the Rob Zombie era!
– A reboot with TWO Shapes! (And another with one hundred!)
– A reboot that introduced the Halloween Multi-verse!

You can get your copy of Taking Shape II here via Amazon, and if you haven’t already, you can also get the first book, Taking Shape, here.

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