Trick or Treat Studios Reveals New 2021 Masks

The annual Halloween & Party Expo is happening this week entirely online, and during an early access preview this past weekend, we got a look at Trick or Treat Studios‘ 2021 catalog of new and returning products to be released this year.

Among the new 2021 releases is a killer lineup of six new injection molded face masks from the 2019 Halloween horror film Haunt, plus a new Ghoulies II line, new Scooby-Doo villains versions of Frankenstein’s monster and Dracula, new Universal “Gillman,” “Moleman,” Werewolf of London, and The Man Who Laughs masks, and much more.

Notably, there is a new Young Michael Myers clown mask featuring a different/updated paint job than the previous version released in 2019. Also from the Halloween franchise, we’ll be getting a new Halloween III witch (Ouija) board, as well as as Strode Realty and Welcome to Santa Mira metal signs.

Not yet pictured in the catalog, but new products are also coming from Halloween Kills (including a new Michael Myers mask, coveralls, and butcher knife), Candyman (this year’s new movie), and Spiral (this year’s new Saw film), as well as a new 15-inch Frankenstein statute.

You can see a preview of some of the highlights from the Trick or Treat Studios 2021 catalog below.

(Click an image to enlarge.)

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Trick or Treat Studios Reveals New 2021 Masks