[Interview] James Jude Courtney Talks ‘Halloween’ Movies and Healing Through Horror (Part 1)

Kicking off our new series of video interviews, Halloween Daily News caught up with James Jude Courtney recently for a relaxed and wide-ranging conversation about how his life has changed since first playing the iconic role of Michael Myers in Halloween 2018, what it was like for him putting the mask back on for this year’s sequel Halloween Kills, and much more, including his thoughts on the film’s release date being postponed due to the pandemic.

In the fist installment of our two-part conversation, James also talks about seeing the 2018 film for the first time (at the Hollywood premiere), how Halloween 1978’s Nick Castle symbolically passed the torch from Shape to Shape in one pivotal scene, the healing power of horror, fan interactions, and his own memories of celebrating the Halloween holiday itself as a kid.

You can watch Part 1 of our exclusive new interview with James Jude Courtney below, and then watch Part 2 here.

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Matt Artz

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