‘Halloween 4’ Writer Would Love to Revisit Franchise with Rev. Sayer Prequel

Alan McElroy has had quite an impressive career since writing the 1988 sequel Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, including launching a franchise of his own when he wrote the original Wrong Turn, as well as the new 2021 Wrong Turn (read our review here), plus numerous other films and episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, The Vampire Diaries, and much more, but he says Myers has never been too far from his heart and he would love to revisit the Halloween franchise if the stars were to align just right.

In a recent interview with We Watched a Movie, McElroy was asked if he’d ever consider returning to the Halloween franchise if given the opportunity, to which he responded with resounding enthusiasm.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,” said McElroy. “I loved writing Halloween 4. It was one of the best writing experiences I’ve ever had. It was just pure love, because Halloween and Halloween II were some of my best experiences just going to movies when I was a kid, so to be given the chance to bring The Shape back, I was a kid in a candy store. So if I got a chance to go back into that world, and recreate it and bring it back to life again, that would be amazing.”

He goes on to reveal his idea for a prequel to Halloween 4 that would focus on the origin of the Reverend Jackson P. Sayer character (played by Carmen Filpi), who gives Dr. Loomis a lift and a drink in one the most memorable scenes.

“I’ve gone back to Trancas a couple of times wanting to do a prequel story,” he said, “a period piece about Sayer, from back in the ’50s. He’s a young priest who basically comes across The Shape before it reaches Michael. I want to tell that story. Samhain’s journey, and him realizing he’s hunting Samhain. If you could follow his story, it would’ve been fascinating… He’s the Dr. Loomis of his time.”

Later, McElroy reveals his originally scripted death scene for Sheriff Meeker (played by Beau Starr), in which he would have had a physical fight with Michael Myers leading to a house fire that would have driven the remaining characters of Jamie and Rachel to the roof as their only way to escape.

You can watch the full interview below.

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