Lemax Reveals 2021 Spooky Town Halloween Village Michaels Exclusives

Lemax has already unveiled most of their new Spooky Town Halloween village 2021 collection to be released later this year from various retailers, and now they have also unveiled the full lineup of 10 Spooky Town pieces that will only be available exclusively at Michaels stores.

There are over 40 new pieces coming in 2021 total, most of which were previously revealed here.

You can view the new Michaels exclusives that are part of the upcoming 2021 Lemax Spooky Town collection with links to purchase below.

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Isle of Creepy Jacks – Pumpkin headed figures revolve around the tree, while “fog” spreads out from mouth of the huge pumpkin with lights and sound. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

Isle of Creepy Jacks

The Witching Hour – Flying witches rotate around the clock tower with a “working” astronomical clock, while witches chase after the figures around the tower and the the cauldron cooks, with lights and sounds. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

The Witching Hour

Helga’s Hats – Lighted. CLICK HERE TO BUY! 

Helga’s Hats

The Skull and Rose Tattoo Studio – Exterior lighting on building casts an eerie glow. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

The Skull and Rose Tattoo Studio

Meow Mansion – Glowing eyes of the huge cat underneath the rooftop edge light up. CLICK HERE TO BUY! 

Meow Mansion

The Horrid Haunted Hotel – A key inserted in the padlock turns, as an hourglass flips over after sand pours through, guest figures “climb” stairs to not get caught by the cloaked figure, and another cloaked figure chases guest figures around the hotel. CLICK HERE TO BUY!

The Horrid Haunted Hotel

Esmeralda the Great – A body rises up from a coffin and then goes back down. CLICK HERE TO BUY! 

Esmeralda the Great


Witch Gate

Tattoo Katarina & CatCLICK HERE TO BUY!

Tattoo Katarina & Cat

Jitterbones Dance PartyCLICK HERE TO BUY! 

Jitterbones Dance Party

You can also view the previously revealed 2021 Spooky Town pieces in the gallery below.

(Click an image to enlarge and view in gallery browser.)

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