‘American Horror Stories’ Celebrates Halloween at the Murder House

The new American Horror Story spinoff American Horror Stories recently kicked off with a two-part return to the original series’ Season One “Murder House,” culminating on Halloween Night.

(Mild spoilers ahead.) In American Horror Stories Episode 2, entitled “Rubber (wo)Man Part Two,” a new family has moved into the haunted Murder House established in the first season of the flagship series, including teenager Scarlett, played by Sierra McCormick, who soon learns the secrets of her new home and then falls in love with Ruby, played by Kaia Gerber, one of the many spirits who reside there.

Following some twists that pay homage to viewers’ known history of the Murder House, and the appearance of a few familiar ghosts, the episode culminates with Scarlett and Ruby going out to a Halloween party, because it’s the one night of the year when the spirits of the Murder House are able to walk among the living and off the property where they died.

After run ins with the local mean girls, the episode concludes on Halloween one year later, with a morbid yet undeniably heartwarming final scene, as Scarlett comes home to visit Ruby.

American Horror Story has always delivered when it comes to its Halloween-set episodes, but it was definitely a surprise treat to see the first of the new Stories once again revisit October 31st in this fun and twisted Halloween love story.

American Horror Stories is streaming on FX on Hulu, while American Horror Story Season 10, which has been dubbed Double Feature, premieres on FX on Aug. 25.

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